Public Health



MERS coronavirus – helped coordinate public health response to novel pathogen

  • Brown CS, Thomas HL
    Novel coronavirus: the national and international public health response
    London Health Protection Forum, London, 2013 (Invited oral presentation – no slides available)

Diphtheria  –  following incident response, coordinated team to revise national guidelines

  • Leslie A, Moore L, Efstratiou A, White J, Brown CS, Brannigan E, Sriskandan S, et al
    A case of toxigenic cutaneous Corynebacterium ulcerans
    London Health Protection Forum, London, 2012 and HPA Conference, Warwick, 2012 (Poster)

Olympics  – helped devise, exercise, and publicise HPA microbiology services operational plan

  • Brown CS, Watson C, Heinsbroek E, Chand MA
    Infectious Diseases and the 2012 Olympic Games
    Faculty of Travel Medicine Annual Symposium, Glasgow, 2012 (Invited oral – no slides available)

Contamination of organ transplant fluid – helped coordinate HPA response to CMO-led incident

Chief Medical Officer’s Report – contributed to both volumes of the CMO Annual Report 2011

Syphilis lookback  – assisted HPA national response to faulty serological test

  • Brown C, Crook P, Mutton K
    False positive treponemal (syphilis) IgM enzyme immunoassay results: Adverse incident report
    London: PHE, 2013 (National response report)
  • Brown CS
    Serum bank for validation of serological tests for syphilis
    GRASP and GUMNet Collaborators Meeting, London, 2012 (Invited oral)
  • Brown CS, Dabrera G, Hughes G, Heathcock R, Crook P, Zambon M, Mutton K, Ison C
    Serological diagnosis of acute syphilis infection: problems and pitfalls
    HPA Conference, Warwick, 2012 (Poster)

European infection capacity – team-member on two international commissioned projects

  • Brown CS, Parry J, Fisher I, Moran-Gilad J, Brown C, ECDC Microbiology Coordination Section, Threlfall J
    EU-LabCAT: Developing a tool for assessment of European Public Health Reference Microbiology capability and capacity
    ESCAIDE, Edinburgh, 2012 (Poster) & HPA Conference, Warwick, 2012 (Poster)
  • ‘Invaluable contributor’ to EC-commissioned ‘European System of Reference Laboratories for Pathogens for Humans’, Contract No. SI2.55355-SANCO/C3/2008/01 (EU Report)
  • Coauthor, ECDC ‘Tools for Appraisal of Laboratory Capabilities for European Surveillance of Communicable Diseases’, Contract No. OJ/27/05/2011-PROC/2011/045  (EU Report)

Blood borne viruses – assisted with novel Hepatitis E diagnostics roll-out and Dried Blood Spot  quality assessment

  • Meeting organiser and co-author of first report of national dried blood spot testing meeting
  • Hepatitis E Research Project ongoing – household contact IgM study

Health & social needs assessment – designed Rapid Participatory Appraisal of deprived communities in Scotland & New Zealand, coordinating health analysts and researchers

  • Brown C, Murray S, Lloyd S
    Can local needs assessment affect health and social change in an urban setting?
    Eur Public Health Congress
    , Oslo 2004 (Poster)
    Academic Departments of General Practice Annual Conference, Carnoustie 2005 (Poster)
  • Brown C, Murray S, Lloyd S
    Can rapid participatory appraisal facilitate and subsequently be used to evaluate, health and social change? Lessons for implementing the MDGs (Poster)
    Community-based methodologies for health research priority setting (Panelist)
    Global Forum Health Research 8, Mexico City 2004

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