High Consequence Infectious Disease


MERS coronavirus – helped coordinate public health response to novel pathogen

Diphtheria  –  following incident response, coordinated team to revise national guidelines

  • Brown CS & Leslie A, Ramsay M, Rumble C, Balasegaram S, Mandal S, Chand MA, et al, on behalf of the Diphtheria Guidelines Working Group
    Public health control and management of diphtheria (in England and Wales)
    London: PHE, 2015 (National guidelines)
  • Leslie A, Moore L, Efstratiou A, White J, Brown CS, Brannigan E, Sriskandan S, et al
    A case of toxigenic cutaneous Corynebacterium ulcerans
    London Health Protection Forum, London, 2012 and HPA Conference, Warwick, 2012 (Poster)

Olympics  – helped devise, exercise, and publicise HPA microbiology services operational plan

Contamination of organ transplant fluid – helped coordinate HPA response to CMO-led incident

Chief Medical Officer’s Report – contributed to both volumes of the CMO Annual Report 2011

Syphilis lookback  – assisted HPA national response to faulty serological test

  • Brown C, Crook P, Mutton K
    False positive treponemal (syphilis) IgM enzyme immunoassay results: Adverse incident report
    London: PHE, 2013 (National response report)
  • Brown CS
    Serum bank for validation of serological tests for syphilis
    GRASP and GUMNet Collaborators Meeting, London, 2012 (Invited oral)
  • Brown CS, Dabrera G, Hughes G, Ison C, Gilgunn-Jones E, Heathcock R, Cosford P, Zambon M, Mutton K, Crook P
    Testing times for syphilis: experiences from a national patient lookback exercise following a test kit problem
    HPA Conference, Warwick, 2012 (Oral)
  • Brown CS, Dabrera G, Hughes G, Heathcock R, Crook P, Zambon M, Mutton K, Ison C
    Serological diagnosis of acute syphilis infection: problems and pitfalls
    HPA Conference, Warwick, 2012 (Poster)

European infection capacity – team-member on two international commissioned projects

  • Brown CS, Parry J, Fisher I, Moran-Gilad J, Brown C, ECDC Microbiology Coordination Section, Threlfall J
    EU-LabCAT: Developing a tool for assessment of European Public Health Reference Microbiology capability and capacity
    ESCAIDE, Edinburgh, 2012 (Poster) & HPA Conference, Warwick, 2012 (Poster)
  • ‘Invaluable contributor’ to EC-commissioned ‘European System of Reference Laboratories for Pathogens for Humans’, Contract No. SI2.55355-SANCO/C3/2008/01 (EU Report)
  • Coauthor, ECDC ‘Tools for Appraisal of Laboratory Capabilities for European Surveillance of Communicable Diseases’, Contract No. OJ/27/05/2011-PROC/2011/045  (EU Report)

Blood borne viruses – assisted with novel Hepatitis E diagnostics roll-out and Dried Blood Spot  quality assessment

  • Meeting organiser and co-author of first report of national dried blood spot testing meeting
  • Hepatitis E Research Project ongoing – household contact IgM study

Health & social needs assessment – designed Rapid Participatory Appraisal of deprived communities in Scotland & New Zealand, coordinating health analysts and researchers

  • Brown CS, Murray S, Lloyd S
    Using consecutive Rapid Participatory Appraisal studies to assess, facilitate and evaluate health and social change in community settings
    BMC Public Health 2006 (Research paper)
  • Brown C, Murray S, Lloyd S
    Can local needs assessment affect health and social change in an urban setting?
    Eur Public Health Congress
    , Oslo 2004 (Poster)
    Academic Departments of General Practice Annual Conference, Carnoustie 2005 (Poster)
  • Brown C, Murray S, Lloyd S
    Can rapid participatory appraisal facilitate and subsequently be used to evaluate, health and social change? Lessons for implementing the MDGs (Poster)
    Community-based methodologies for health research priority setting (Panelist)
    Global Forum Health Research 8, Mexico City 2004

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