Books Chapters

Field training


  • The ethics of research during an epidemic: Lessons from Ebola
    King’s College London
    London, May 2016
  • Ebola Virus Disease Clinical Management Expert Group
    World Health Organization
    Berlin, Apr 2015


Invited keynote and oral presentations

Accepted oral presentations

  • Brown CS, Duggan J, Brooks T, Simpson A, Aarons E, Afshar B, Oliver I, Okereke E, Aruna O, Hewson R
    Imported Lassa Fever – a review of the literature and implications for international collaboration
    Lassa Fever – First International Conference
    , Abuja, Jan 2019
  • Jain V, Charlett A, Brown CS
    Meta-Analysis of predictive symptoms for Ebola virus disease in West Africa
    18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases
    , Buenos Aires, Mar 2018
  • Lilburn P, Youkee D, Brown CS, Shetty N, Brooks T, Simpson A, Bentley B, Lado M, Kamara TB, Walker NF, Johnson O
    Assessment of environmental contamination and environmental decontamination practices within an Ebola Holding Unit, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    International Conference of Tropical Medicine & Malaria, Brisbane, Sep 2016
  • Rokadiya S, Johnson O, Arkell P, Lado M, Brown C, Deen G, Hanciles E
    Ebola preparedness and response: The role of a development organisation in Freetown, Sierra Leone
    International Meeting on Emergency Diseases & Surveillance, Vienna, Nov 2014 (Panel)

Poster presentations

  • 04/17 Arkel P, Youkee D, Brown CS, Kamara A, Kamara TB, Johnson O, Lado M, George V, Koroma F, King MB,  Parker BE, Baker P
    Quantifying the risk of nosocomial infection within Ebola Holding Units: a retrospective cohort study of negative patients discharged from five Ebola Holding Units in Western Area, Sierra Leone 
    European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2017
    , Vienna
  • Brown CS, Kessete Q, Baker P, Youkee D, Walker N, Kamara TB, Johnson O, Lado M
    Bottlenecks in health systems functioning for control of Ebola Virus Disease in Connaught Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
    European Conference on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Amsterdam, Apr 2016

Media appearances

  • TedX Whitehall, ‘Why we must never forget Ebola‘, Sep 2016
  • Multiple TV appearances e.g. BBC Newsnight, BBC World, BBC News 24, BBC London
  • Multiple radio appearances e.g. BBC Radio 4, Canada News International, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Ulster, CBC

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